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How to boost business revolution with Telkom’s IoT solutions, Antares


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11 Apr 2022 15.29 WIB


Data is the new oil. The Internet of Things (IoT) technology enables the usage of every data point to achieve growth goals and optimize business processes. But what is IoT? The IoT describes a concept or program where an object is able to transmit data over a network without the help of computers and human devices. 

The IoT works by using an argument from a compiled programming language algorithm. Each formed argument will create an interaction that will help the hardware or machine function, so it can work automatically without human assistance.

The IoT is an important part of this digital era. In 'The Future of Jobs Report 2020', the World Economic Forum estimated 85 million jobs will be replaced by machines that have artificial intelligence (AI) built-in by 2025. Besides, around 43.2% of businesses expect to reduce their workforce as a result of the implementation of breakthrough technology, including the Internet of Things (IoT).

At the same time, the deployment of automated machines and algorithms is expected to create 97 million new jobs with the necessary skills. Next question is, will your company be ready and able to change?

Indeed, growing your business through IoT is required. In Indonesia itself, there are a number of IoT solutions providers. But as the country’s largest telecom company, Telkom is here to lift your pain and perplexity in integrating IoT into your operations. With its end-to-end IoT solutions provider Antares, Telkom is ready to reinforce your business transformation via its two solutions namely the IoT platform and the IoT connectivity.

Antares will help to empower enterprises to optimize, grow, and transform their businesses with IoT solutions. This Indonesia’s leading IoT solutions provider provides three sub-products namely the Antares Platform, Antares Connectivity, and Antares Solution. 

Antares’ name comes from the largest star in the Scorpio constellation, which represents Telkom’s hope to take Antares as the biggest IoT solution provider in Indonesia and the global market.


What is Antares’ IoT Ecosystem?

Antares aims to solve our customers' business challenges, by helping them to optimize, grow, and transform their businesses through our IoT solutions. By using data from the IoT, top executives can make decisions to improve quality and quantity, minimize risks, and reduce inefficiency such as repetitive human jobs.

Antares’ goal is to speed up application marketing time, as users do not have to invest in cloud infrastructure and backend APIs. Antares’ product excellences are including:

  1. Antares is closely related to application developers with zero infrastructure management, which will not require developers to provide cloud infrastructure or domains, as well as the function of control devices in various brands. Through Antares, the business owners will also be able to execute data analytics.
  2. Antares is linked to various connectivity providers such as GSM, LTE, LoRa and others.
  3. Antares provides device manufacturers to register the device types of the electronic equipment manufacturers.
  4. Antares platform offers a secure solution because all communications are sent via encrypted lines. This is made possible through Antares’ data management capabilities, user management, and simple widgets.
  5. Antares platform is supported by programming languages including Arduino, ESP, Android, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, Node-Red, and others. An Open API system allows users to control the application not only through the dashboard but also the API provided by Antares.
  6. The infrastructure that is stored by developers on the server will be managed by Antares so that they can focus on the ideas and application services they create.  

Through all these features, every industry can use Antares to optimize its operational productivity. For manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain companies, Antares may improve the efficiency of fleet management, asset tracking, cold chain monitoring, and smart manufacturing – that include Environment Monitoring System, OEE Monitoring, and Power Monitoring. Other sectors like smart cities and utilities can also implement the IoT for smart public lighting, smart transportation, environmental monitoring, smart water meters, and smart poultry.


Why is Antares the Most Appropriate IoT Solution?

Antares is an excellent choice. It is secure and safe because all communications are encrypted. Antares uses a Secure Transport Layer (STL) as a foundation for a system that is designed to be highly reliable, secure, and robust.

And these are the things that could be done by Antares:

  • Application and service layer management 
  • Communication management or delivery handling
  • Data management and repository
  • Device management
  • Discovery
  • Group management
  • Location
  • Network service exposure
  • Registration
  • Security
  • Service charging and accounting
  • Subscription and notification

Antares is accessible via the internet by the users or a component that can send data through the internet. By following these IoT methods, Antares will run as a medium between these component systems and will send data using the internet to users.

With components such as an integrated Wi-Fi chip, Antares will distribute the data to the data processing components. Antares is able to support more than one component directly making the automation of a system more effective.

If you are a business owner, there are two ways to connect to Indonesia’s best IoT solution provider. First through Telkom IoT - contact us via website, LinkedIn, Instagram and WhatsApp Business: +62851-62604680. Second, Antares - contact us via website, LinkedIn, Instagram and WhatsApp Group

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