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11 Apr 2022 14.33 WIB


Through the Pijar Mahir platform, the telecommunications company Telkom Indonesia is bridging the education gap in this archipelagic country.

It is a digital learning platform that focuses on vocational and professional training. Through Pijar Mahir, job seekers, certification seekers, training institutions, professional communities, and the industrial world are able to meet on one single platform.

Telkom Indonesia understands that 55 percent of Indonesians do not have the skills required by the labor market, as the World Bank reported. This number includes 45 million primary to secondary school students, 7.5 million university students, and 190 million of productive age.

This is not an easy matter. As an archipelagic country, Indonesia faces various educational problems, from quality gaps in remote areas compared to big cities, to the inability of graduates to meet the demands of work and industry.

Pijar Mahir comes with a mission to make learning and training more inclusive and accessible to everyone; to create Indonesian talents who are competent, innovative, and ready to work.

Especially amid the rapid development of technology, where digitalization has penetrated all lines of life, upgrading capacity and expertise according to the industry needs and technological developments is very necessary

“As someone who wants to enter the industrial world, we have to upgrade our skills and be adaptive to the business needs,” said Director of Digital Business Telkom Fajrin Rasyid, recently. 

The McKinsey Global Institute has highlighted the enormous job market opportunity in the future. This agency estimates that Indonesia will need 113 million skilled workers in 2030 or around 3.7 million per year.

As of now, more than 1.5 million users across Indonesia have joined and gained skills from Pijar Mahir. Constant user and industry research and also its cutting-edge technology have allowed Pijar Mahir to deliver access to learning to its users more easily and effectively.

Digital Platform for Learning and Training

Pijar Mahir is designed as a marketplace that displays thousands of interesting learning materials about Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, technology, telecommunications, digital literacy, business and marketing, finance, languages, and self-development. 

This platform has collaborated with more than 50 of the best-recognized learning and training institutions in the country. With the support of training or learning certificates, it will surely be an added value for when Pijar Mahir’s users apply for jobs. Especially since 2020, Pijar Mahir has been one of the official digital platform partners for the Indonesian government’s Pre-Employment Card (Kartu Prakerja) program.

Pijar Mahir has complete features. It enables people to take part in a comprehensive learning process, from pre-tests, watching learning videos, accessing e-books, taking post-tests, online forums, to online consultations with experts. The Pijar Mahir learning management system allows each user to learn at their own pace in an easy, fun, and effective way.

All training materials can be accessed free of charge, or paid at affordable rates. The system has provided e-wallets or virtual accounts from well-known Indonesian banks to facilitate the payment process. Not only that, all learning materials are accessible forever. Very tempting, isn't it?

Recently, Pijar Mahir launched the Pijar Camp scholarship program. With the theme Code Your Future, Pijar Camp aims to create ready-to-work digital talents to support the acceleration of digitalization in Indonesia. Indonesia will need at least 600 thousand digital talents with intermediate skills every year for the next 15 years, according to the data from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

Pijar Camp is expected to be a platform for developing the skills of young people to become competent and highly competitive digital talents in the era of society 5.0.

The launch of Pijar Camp was attended by 70 participants offline with strict health protocols at the Sheraton Gandaria City Hotel and was followed by more than 500 participants online.

As many as 25 of the total 713 applicants for Pijar Camp scholarships have been selected to participate in the next selection process. That includes 10 people who will get Pijar Camp scholarships worth 36 million rupiahs each in the form of boot camps to become Full Stack Developers and DevOps Engineers.

Pijar Mahir is one of the five useful sub-products of Pijar. The other four sub-products are Pijar Sekolah and Pijar Belajar for elementary and secondary school students, Pijar Kampus for colleges, and Pijar Corpu for professionals.

Here is how to take a course at Pijar Mahir.

  1.   Go to the page www.pijarmahir.id
  2.   Select the course/training you need, then click “Buy Now”
  3.   Select the payment method you prefer.
  4.   Follow your training to completion and reap the benefits.

It is very easy, right? So what are you waiting for, register yourself now to take part in various courses at Pijar Mahir.

You can also find out information about Pijar Mahir via Instagram @pijarmahir.id, Twitter @pijarmahir, LinkedIn Pijar Mahir, Facebook Pijar Mahir, or TikTok @pijarmahir.id.


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