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In a report from the World Bank, 55% of Indonesians don't have the skills required by the job market. World Economic Forum executives forecast that by 2025, 40% of current workers' core skills are expected to change and 50% of all employees will need re-skilling in order to keep up with the times. With 191 million Indonesians of working age, 75% of whom are Gen Z and millenials, would our educational system be able to swiftly catch up in generating graduates who can apply their skills and knowledge right away to meet the ever-changing industry's needs?

Indonesia's current education ecosystem is facing a dynamic situation. Given its vast archipelago and diversity, Indonesia faces a slew of educational issues, ranging from disparities in education quality to graduates' inability to meet the demands of employment and industry. To deal with these issues, we need a solution that can bridge the gap between formal education outcomes and industry's needs.

The good news is that Pijar Mahir is here to offer a broad range of learning and training directly from the experts so that Indonesians can obtain skills needed by the industry. Pijar Mahir makes it easy for Indonesians of working age, training institutions, and professionals from all over Indonesia to learn and share without physically meeting. Through the Pijar Mahir digital learning platform, Pijar Mahir has created a convenient learning ecosystem that can fill the aforementioned gap.

Pijar Mahir is a sub-product of Pijar, one of Telkom Indonesia's digital products with the mission of making learning more inclusive and accessible for all generations in order to nurture competent, innovative, and ready-to-work Indonesian talents. Pijar Mahir aims to provide the necessary learning and certified training for Indonesians to upskill and reskill themselves.

There are a number of reasons why more than one million users have joined and gained skills from Pijar Mahir. With its novel approach and cutting-edge technology, Pijar Mahir's features have made training and learning easier. Pijar Mahir is designed as a marketplace that showcases thousands of interesting and engaging learning materials in a wide range of categories. These include SME, technology, telecommunication, digital, marketing, language, and self-development.

As a result of the extensive research on education and its implementation done by Pijar Mahir, users are not merely watching the videos but also actively engaging in the comprehensive learning journey. From the pre-test, the learning videos, the ebooks, the post-test, the online forums, to the online consultation with experts, Pijar Mahir’s Learning Management System enables everyone to go on a self-paced learning to achieve their desired skills.

To make the learning experience even more convenient, all the purchased training materials are always accessible with no expiration date. Starting from IDR 75,000 or even free, payment can be made by using an e-wallet or virtual account from Indonesia's top banks. It's undeniable that learning new skills has never been as easy as it is now.

Need an official record of training participation? Don't worry! As an official digital platform partner for the Indonesian government’s Pre-Employment Card (Kartu Prakerja) program, Pijar Mahir has more than 50 nationally-acclaimed learning providers and training institutions that provide learning certificates and even certifications, which will surely be an added value when applying for a job.

The McKinsey Global Institute predicts that Indonesia will need 113 million skilled workers, or about 3,7 million skilled workers per year, to fulfill industrial demands by 2030. So don’t waste any more time since 2030 is only around the corner, and make the most of Pijar Mahir's user-friendly online learning platform to advance your skill and career! Sign up now at www.pijarmahir.id or find out more at Facebook Pijar Mahir, Twitter @pijarmahir, LinkedIn Pijar Mahir, Instagram @pijarmahir.id, or TikTok @pijarmahir.id.


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